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How to install a popup on your site

So I convinced you to add a popup to your site?  This is one of the more technical things in the book so I wanted to find an easy way to get one running on your site.

To that end, I recommend¬†SumoMe. It’s a free tool that makes it simple to put popups, slide-ins and other great feature on your website. It’s what I use, and you should too.

3 Responses to “How to install a popup on your site”

  1. John Khoury says:

    FYI: the pricing for 1 site is $47, for 3 is $77, unlimited is $97

  2. Chris Backe says:

    Have you looked at SumoMe? The folks at AppSumo have created it; it's a tiny, smart pop-up that's designable in about 5 minutes and plays nicely with Mailchimp, Aweber, and so on. It doesn't offer many design options, but it's great for free.

  3. Tim, one thing that really annoys me about pop-ups asking me to subscribe is when they pop up even when I HAVE subscribed, and I've clicked through from a link in the newsletter! Are any of the pop up systems smart enough to recognise that?

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