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YOUR FIRST 1000 COPIES: the step-by-step guide to marketing your book by Tim Grahl

You CAN take it with you

An excerpt from Your First 1000 Copies:

Facebook, Twitter and the other social media platforms are notorious for making changes to their platform that make marketing harder. They also don’t let you easily move to a new platform because they block you from downloading your fan’s contact information. For example, you can’t log into your Facebook Page and download all your fan information so that you can contact them outside of Facebook. Although platforms like Facebook are useful in many ways, remember that if you build your tribe on other platforms, you are beholden to those platforms for all time.

However, if you build an email list, you can take it with you. You built it therefore you own it, which means you have direct access to your reader’s inboxes from anywhere. If all else fails, you can turn on your computer, open your email client and send everybody a message yourself. That may not be the best solution, but if it comes to that you have at least succeeded in not giving up control of your most important marketing asset: the connections with your readers

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