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YOUR FIRST 1000 COPIES: the step-by-step guide to marketing your book by Tim Grahl


Imagine if you had a direct connection with thousands of readers who loved reading your books. And imagine if those readers eagerly awaited the launch of your next book. How would that direct relationship with your readers change your writing career? How would you feel knowing that every time you started a new book project, you already had people excited to buy it and ready to recommend it to others?

Many of today’s most loved and successful authors know what those experiences are like. I know they do because I’ve worked with many of them to build their online platforms that connect directly with readers. For over four years, I have worked with bestselling authors such as Daniel Pink, Charles Duhigg, Dan Ariely, Pamela Slim, Chip and Dan Heath, Ramit Sethi and more. I’ve also worked with first time and self-published authors such as Gene Kim, Michele Ceres, Noel Yeatts, Garret Kramer and others to get their platforms started from scratch. In all, I have worked with over a hundred authors as well as studied and interviewed many more.

Thanks to this experience, I know exactly how reader relation- ship building works and how to use those skills to sell more books. You can learn these same skills.

Now, more than ever, you have access to all the tools you need to connect with readers without investing in expensive tactics like hiring a publicist or going on a thirty city book tour. Why then aren’t more writers successful at selling books? Because the problem isn’t the availability of resources; the problem is knowing how to use them to get results. With too much advice swirling around about blogging, Twitter, podcasts, forums, Facebook and others, most authors are left spinning and confused about what to do when and where to start.
This short book will solve that problem by providing a clear, actionable and proven system to author platform building, the same one that today’s bestselling authors use as the key ingredient in their book marketing.

A platform is whatever plan and method you use to connect with your readers and sell books, whether it’s traveling the world to speak, hand-selling to friends or building a popular blog. From my work and study, the authors selling the most books today are those that are focusing first on planning and building their platforms.

With this book, I’m going to empower you with a step-by-step plan on how you can use online marketing tools to build your platform.

The heart of this plan is the goal of connecting you with your readers, spreading your ideas, sharing your journey and using your writing to add value to people’s lives. We are going to look at tools like blogging, email marketing, social media and others. Regardless of the individual tool, however, the goal is always to establish a connection with your readers that will last a lifetime and support your long-term writing career.

Your writing makes people’s lives better. The more people you connect to your writing, the better this world will be. As we proceed through this book, I will show you how to build these long-lasting connections that will sell books in a way that is natural, comfortable and fun for both you and your readers.

I have named my step-by-step plan the Connection System. The fundamentals are so strong and simple that every author can immediately implement this system after reading this book to begin building their online platform.

Our journey into online platform building will start with the best way to get Permission to communicate regularly with your fans. Then we will discuss how to engage your readers through Content that you will make freely and widely available. Once you have permission and content, we will examine how to find and connect with new readers through Outreach. Finally, we will talk about how you use Permission, Content and Outreach to naturally and ethically Sell your books. In each of these sections, we will talk about how to Track everything you are doing so you can see what works and what doesn’t.

The Connection System is how authors are working for and earning their success in today’s evolving publishing marketplace. Whether you are just getting started in your writing career or are a long time author struggling to figure out how to step into the new era, this book will lay out the plan you need to get your platform up and running so you can reliably and predictably build an engaged readership and sell your first 1,000 copies.

Let’s get started.

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