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An Adventure Worth Sharing

My favorite quote about blogging comes from the great Hugh MacLeod, bestselling author of Ignore Everybody and Evil Plans. His advice: “Treat it like an adventure, an adventure worth sharing.” That’s precisely the attitude successful authors have when approaching the process of sharing content, including Hugh on his popular blog Gapingvoid.com. If the content is not engaging, if it does not contain a story to follow, and if the story isn’t leading up to a big event or moment (or series of moments), then the adventure is not worth being a part of.

Here’s the secret: If you’re an author, you’re already on an adventure. You’re reading and researching new studies and books. You’re traveling to interesting places and meeting interesting people. You’re making new discoveries that change the way you see the world. Even if you never leave your house or town, you’re creating entire new worlds in your head and expressing them with your hands. All you have to do is tap into that journey and share the experience. Readers want to join in on your adventure. Give them one (or many) and they’ll love you forever.

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