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Picking the right blog platform

I currently recommend WordPress (hosted or self-hosted) as the best blogging/website platform.

WordPress has emerged as the top website platform and it is what my firm uses for all of our client’s websites.  It is easy to setup and get rolling while still providing deep features for everything you need.

If you are not technically savvy and just want to get a site up, I recommend signing up for WordPress.com.  It lets the WordPress crew take care of hosting and other technical elements while providing you a lot of features that will let you get up and live quickly.

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  1. Rich Cook says:

    Have you looked at Jekyll? A bit more complex perhaps than WP (although I found it easier to customize), but an excellent system. Very simple. And Josh Kaufman uses it. I learned about it through his book The First 20 Hours. For anyone who wants to go beyond the standard WP look, it's far easier to customize than WP, IMHO.

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